About Us

Crew of the yacht “Nikolaev” are professionals, who love their work. Yacht crew is able to perform a full range of activities related to research of seabed, detection and investigation of sunken objects, as well as prepared to conduct search and rescue operations on water and under water. Each crew member has its own specialization and trained to work with high-tech devices, for which he is responsible. The team’s work is fully harmonious in a whole that lets them perform tasks quickly and efficiently. It is worth noting that our team does not rest on our laurels, that is why the skills of team members are regularly improved in exercises and new courses..

The crew of the scientific-research vessel “Nikolaev” is a member of the Russian Geographical Society.

команда яхты Николаев

The Ship

The yacht has a certificate of registration of the vessel in the Russian International Register of Vessels with unlimited navigation area and is a research rescue vessel, capable of carrying a large list of tasks related to research, underwater work and rescue operations. The ship is under the State Flag of the Russian Federation, home port – Novorossiysk.

Sailing yacht “Nikolaev” is built with implementation of the latest developments in the field of shipbuilding, combining construction innovation with experience in shipbuilding. The vessel can be called a “hybrid”: in its design the comfort and coziness of the motor yacht are combined with rigging. In spite of the rigging, the ship has a complex of equipment for carrying out the underwater and research work, as well as rescue operations.

Shipyard, which built the yacht, is located in city Nikolaev, known since ancient times for its shipbuilders and built ships. Since the XIX century in this city there was the largest shipbuilding center of the Russian Empire, and later – the Soviet Union.

Technical data of the yatch “Nikolaev”:

  • Length: 24m
  • Width: 7m
  • Draft: 3.2m
  • Mast height above water level: 35m
  • Displacement: 90t
  • Sail area: 450 sq. m.

The yacht has a multibeam sonar Reson 7125, which allows you to work at a depth of 600 m. There is also on a yacht a diving equipment to perform work at a depth of 100-160 meters. Underwater remotely operated vehicle (UROV) with a working depth of 300m. Navigation equipment is able to determine location with accuracy of 0.2m. The imager facilitates a management of the yacht in heavy conditions, which is used in control of the yacht and in people saving.

яхта николаев