Baystruchenko Alexey. Deepsea diver. Deepsea diver

Born 03.06.1977 in the city of Donetsk. After finishing 9 forms of secondary school entered the Nautical School TLU number 12 in Kerch, specialty – marine mechanic. In 1995-2000 studied at the Higher Naval School of the name of Dzerzhinsky at shipbuilding department, specialty Construction of search and rescue vessels and facilities. From 2001 to 2004 studied in Donetsk National Technical University, specialty – environmental engineer.

    Diving qualifications:

  • Diver
  • Diver – shooter
  • Deepsea diver
  • Instructor PADI, GUE, EFR
  • Trimix diver, cave diver, rebreather diver Megaladon, Inspiration

Diving experience of more than 3000 hours

Eugene Moiseev. Supply diver.

Eugene Moiseev. Supply diver.Born 27.08.1983 in Magnitogorsk. From school is actively interested in sports (different types of martial arts). After school entered the Magnitogorsk State Technical University (MSTU) of the name of G.I. Nosov. After graduating from the Institute joined the army. After military service, professionally engaged in sports and diving, where he was able to develop professional qualities required for deepwater jobs.

    Diving qualifications:

  • Diver 3 Class I, II groups specialization trimix diver, rebreather diver Inspiration

Diving experience of 500 hours.