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Diving school

Friends, in the pursuit of adventure we rush to the edge of the world, possessed by the spirit of adventure and pioneering. Fire to research and thirst for knowledge is burning in our minds, we learn more and more mysteries of the world around us, but the more we learn the more we realize that we do not know much.

школа дайвинга team nikolaev For all those who are not indifferent to the knowledge of nature around us, we open the doors of our club. We are proud to present a diving school «TEAM NIKOLAEV»! With truly fantastic opportunities, «TEAM NIKOLAEV» will not only give us a touch to a wonderful world of element with a name “Water”, but will also let us to take an active part in the study of this little-known nature. Organization of underwater adventures from simple recreational to complex expedition-research is our profession.

TEAM NIKOLAEV diving school offers a wide range of training programs from world’s industry leaders, that is held by true professionals in the field of diving. They are happy to give their experience and will let to feel yourself an integral part of the underwater world. Courses of club TEAM NIKOLAEV include courses for certified divers, who wish to gain skills and experience of a higher level, as well as for beginners who only dreamed of conquering the depths of the sea. School Facilities will help to understand any conditions of the surrounding underwater world and our fleet will help to get to and conquer the most distant points of the world’s oceans and make them available dive sites.

Welcome to our club!