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PADI TEC REC Program of technical courses developed in accordance with high standards and teaching methods PADI, and offering a quality net of training programs on the technical diving. Technical diving is a more complex form of diving, the main difference of which is the impossibility of direct ascent to the surface without specific protocols. Usually there are two reasons – overhead environment (underwater caves, wrecks), or decompression obligations.

PADI TEC REC program combines following courses:

PADI Discover Tec
The program offers to get acquainted with technical diving, diving in the comfort in the technical kit with imitation of specific procedures that are close to decompression dives.

PADI Tec 40
Initial technical diving courses, will introduce the theory and technique of decompression dives, reveal the meaning of technical equipment configuration and specific procedures required for this type of diving. Program limits a student to the maximum depth of 40 meters, a maximum time of decompression – 10 minutes and using a single decompression gas with an oxygen content of not more than 50%

PADI Tес 45
The following program, which will expand the limits by a maximum depth of 45 meters, unlimited by time decompression and the ability of using the decompression gas with an oxygen content up to 100%. The course will let you be acquainted with rescue activities in technical diving, in particular technical assistance to the technical diver, who is unconscious on the surface and underwater..
PADI Tес 50

The course, which completes the initial range of technical programs PADI. A student of the program will possess all the necessary skills and techniques for self-planning and implementation of dives with depths up to 50 meters using two decompression types of gas and unlimited time decompression in the team of the divers like himself.

Trimix specializations TEC REC PADI

Tec Trimix 45 и Tec Trimix 50 – courses attached to the main initial technical programs TEC REC PADI, which will allow safe use of mixtures containing helium up to 20 %, oxygen for at least 21 % in dives that are limited by core courses Tec 45 and Tec50, and opening all advantages of using gas mixtures containing helium.

Tec Trimix 65
The training program for divers, who received initial technical education PADI Tec 50 or its equivalent, implying deep technical dives for up to 65 meters with all the necessary protocols and without limiting the amount of decompression and decompression gas quantities with bottom mixture with at least 18 % of oxygen.

Tec Trimix
Final course of the line of technical training programs PADI, involves planning and implementing deep decompression dives, limited during training by 90 meters, the use of hypoxic gas as bottom mixtures and the corresponding protocols, unlimited in time and quantity of gas decompression.

Gas Blender
The course will teach, how to carefully prepare any necessary gas mixtures. The program is divided into two certified levels: Gas Blender and Gas Blender Trimix, first level – the mixing and production of nitrogen-oxygen mixtures, the second – mixtures containing helium, respectively.

padi tec rec