The next stage of training divers of the supply team using the program PADI Tec Rec is finished


The group, consisting of two people: Sergey Cherkes and Mikhail Nikolayev under instructors Igor Rozhok and Alexey Baystruchenko successfully mastered the program PADI Tec Rec, consisting of three courses Tec40, Tec45 and Tec50. The program is a start-up phase of development of technical diving and opens up the possibility of deep dives with decompression strategy.

In the context of the overall goals and objectives of diving station of research vessel “Nikolaev”, this team will have to provide escort and decompression duties to the core group of divers. During the training, the team learned how to work with additional equipment ( Sparks , stage and decompression ballons ) examined major decompression strategies and protocols of action in emergency situations, has mastered the technique of working with several gas mixtures during the dive.

On the final exam diving team faced with the real “mission” for the release of the anchor chain that was hooked 50 meters deep for the sunken mooring buoy. For two decompression dives throughout the day, students have successfully coped with the task of liberation, thus proving once again their professionalism .