The first stage of preparation for technical diving, held in Balaklava is over


The whole course was divided into two stages: openwater and advanced dive to 30 meters. All dives were performed in dry suits.

During this course, despite the month of January, the favorable weather  accompanied us. Many people know what are the conditions for diving in the Black Sea in winter: sometimes cold, sometimes warm air combined with 8 degree of water temperature could not become an obstacle to us.

As a result of the two-week training under the guidance of experienced trainers from the training system PADI: Igor Rozhok and Alexey Baystruchenko, the team performed all the tasks of the course , dramatically improving the skills of underwater work of our team members.


Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the most popular worldwide dive training system, established in 1966. Headquartered in Santa Ana (California, USA ) . Dive Centers and Resorts PADI located in 180 countries around the world, where a diving is at least little -developed. Regional offices PADI, with the central headquarters in California, serve more than 100,000 individual members and 4,300 dive centers and resorts. PADI provides its members with a full range of educational materials in 20 languages of the world, including the Russian. Certificate PADI is recognized by all existing systems and associations of snorkeling. Association promotes safe diving by strictly standardized program. Training covers a broad range of disciplines .

PADI – Professional Association of Diving is the instructors, the largest organization dedicated to teaching scuba diving . PADI courses develops, publishes materials, sets standards, conducts quality control, as well as providing services to members of professional associations. Thanks to the professionalism of PADI instructors, dive centers and dive resorts, PADI certifications are the most well-known and recognized throughout the world. Whatever part of the world you dive at, you can be sure that your certificate PADI will be accepted, because the reputation of the association follows him. Professionals PADI are the specialists in the field of recreational diving – people of different nationalities , different ethnic groups and cultures . By 1999, the association quantity of trainers, assistants, instructors and PADI Divemaster reached 90,000 people . PADI training materials are translated into 20 languages Today, deciding to do a diving training, you’ll find a PADI instructor with you nationality, who not only lives with you in one city, but also speaks with you your native language. PADI – Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Is the most common and popular diving training system in the world and covers about 80 % of the world market. Association gained its popularity due to the rigid standardization of training, strict supervision of the quality of education and insurance of the highest safety of recreational diving. PADI activities are also connected with environmental protection and conservation for future generations of submarine and surface beauty of lakes, seas and oceans of our planet (Project AWARE).



PADI training system is based on common, self-developed standards. This ensures that each student of the PADI instructor or in dive center PADI will receive the same amount of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. PADI has developed special training videos and tutorials, which have been translated into 20 languages, a large number of visual aids, the use of which in the learning process is obligatory. Their mission is to help you to master the theoretical and practical material as quickly as possible. Association is also holding a strict control over the work of instructors, not allowing them to do their job unfair