Team found the sunken German ship “Totila”


On May 26 crew of the research vessel “Nikolaev” using powerful scanning equipment found on the seabed a German ship “Totila” that sunk in May 1944. Motor ship was drowned by a Soviet aircraft during the evacuation of German troops from the Crimean peninsula . There were more than 2,000 German soldiers and officers on board. Discovered after almost 70 years , the ship “Totila” lies at a depth of 97 meters near Cape Chersonese .

Divers descended to a depth of 97 meters, were able to penetrate the wreck, saw guns that were set to “Totila”, discovered the remains of the bodies and travelled around the contour of the ship.

The crew of the yacht ” Nikolaev “, as researchers of the Russian Geographical Society, are about to report their find to local historians , as well as colleagues from Germany.

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