Diving job

Diving job

Diving operations, performed by the crew of the yacht “Nikolaev” cover rescue, installation, repairing and other underwater activities, implying the use of diving equipment and underwater technology. Divers of the scientific-research vessel “Nikolaev” were trained in the famous diving centers, are trained to deal with unusual situations underwater and have a diving experience for a great depth.

The “Nikolaev” crew offers performance of diving operations of any complexity:

  • for capital construction and repair of hydraulic structures of mooring and protective embankments, bridge abutments;
  • on diving surveys of various hydraulic structures and underwater objects;
  • on the construction and operation of water intake structures;
  • on laying and maintenance of submarine water gas pipelines, oil pipelines and cable routes;
  • on the producing of ship raising work, on refloating boats and other various objects, including reinforced concrete loading dock;
  • for emergency and rescue work.

The ship’s crew performs work in the field of underwater survey (monitoring) of subsea pipelines, cables and other objects on the bottom, the oil platforms in the waters offshore zone and the continental slope of the seas and oceans. Complex of exercising of underwater work, located on board the RV “Nikolaev”, is a unique high-tech modular system that embodies the latest achievements in the commercial diving.

The complex includes , inter alia, the individual systems of diving equipment of opened and closed breaths (Kirby-Morgan, APDiving, IST, and CCR), gas mixing and distribution complex, systems for ensuring rapid deployment of bottom slopes , decompression stations of stationary and drifting types ( Tekyorce), underwater vehicle – divers carriage ( Gous Dwe Gear, Magnum Cayago), unmanned underwater vehicle “Seaeye Falcon”, gauges for nondestructive control (TSC, CYGNUS), equipment for underwater welding and cutting metal (DIVEX, BROCO, OXYLANCE, ARCAIR)

Capabilities of the system allow offline, without going to a provision port:

• diving descents to depths up to 40m in a hose version with air supply from the provision ship;

• deep-sea diving to a depth of 160m descents in the autonomous diving equipment ;

• work in groups of up to 4 divers for each type of descent.

• conducting underwater work using unmanned underwater vehicles { UUV } . Work is carried out by UUV type “Seaeye Falcon”, located on board of the RV “Nikolaev”.

• The use of autonomous deep- diving equipment of recirculating type of new generation, in contrast to the classical method of Carbonated diving, allows you to quickly solve tasks in real time at a much lower cost of the work.

• Conducting descents while harnessing the divers and UUV, with a significant expansion of the range of common functionality.

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