Independent insurance expertise of cases on and under water

экспертная оценка случаев на воде и под водой

Crew of the yacht “Nikolaev” offers services for the resolution of disputes in insurance cases of surface and underwater objects, cases of wreck ships, search for the missing people, rescue operations. It conducts primary and complete inspection with modern technology and professional team of divers with a full complete set of equipment for the works of varying difficulty.

Having on board a modern sonar “Reson Seabat 7125 “, which with the help of directional 512 beams scans an object and draws the 3d model of the object. That gives an opportunity to make an initial assessment of the damage and the causes of the accident. Which in turn gives an idea about what happened at the place of accident.

Based on these data a group of divers of crew “Nikolaev” descends to a depth of 190 meters with conducting secondary inspection and conducting video and photographs of the object.

Provided that the object of study is below the level of the divers capabilities, team “Nikolaev” activates compact remotely controlled underwater vehicle ( MTPA ) of the small class. “Falcon” is a new generation of underwater vehicle, designed to perform search ( pre-search ) and finding works in coastal sea or inland waters.

After analyzing all the received data, the conclusion of an independent expert evaluation of the causes of the insured event is issued, identifying the primary problems, as well as the whole complex of the damage. Materials attached to the expert assessment of the work carried out, sonar pictures; underwater video and photo shoot are provided.

Thanks to the data obtained insurance companies have all the necessary information to resolve insurance claims.