Rescue operations

спасательные операции

Research vessel “Nikolaev” that is equipped with ultra-modern equipment, can effectively carry out rescue operations on water. The team is prepared to perform a complex search and rescue operations. In order to localize the site of the accident, a powerful multi-beam scanner is used that allows to detect the crashed object and as quickly as possible to determine the search area. The installed on board thermal imager makes more efficient search and rescue operations. It detects the living beings over the water (including people, even if the hand of the person that needs the salvation is barely visible on the water surface) within a radius of 10km in all weather conditions. A remotely controlled underwater robot can do photos and video at a depth of up to 400m.

On board there is a diving team prepared for rescue operations under water. Divers equipped with ultra-modern equipment for diving to great depths, are able to perform a dive to a depth of 100 – 160m. The yacht is equipped with a crane capable of lifting loads on board, overwhelmed for a person, and the robot «Falcon», mentioned above, can lift objects from the sea depths of up to half a ton. For medical care in the team there is a doctor and also there is a medical hyperbaric chamber.

The vessel has all the modern communication nodes that allow you to quickly get a distress signal and as soon as possible to plan a rescue operation. Satellite communication system installed on the yacht, allows you to transmit and receive information at any point of the globe, and weather warnings along the yacht’s route are recorded with special equipment.