технодайвинг (технический дайвинг)

Technodiving (technical diving) can be called a kind of diving, beloved around the world to thousands of fans of diving into the water with aqualung. However, technical diving is quite different from recreational diving, which outstands it from a number of amateur enthusiasm to the level of professional activity.

Differences between diving and technodiving

Traditional diving is limited to dives up to 40m, while in technodiving, the use of special diving equipment allows plunge up to 100-160 meters. Among such equipment should be specially noted rebreathers (underwater breathing) and stationary oxygen stations, allowing producing special blends for such dives. At great depths it is deadly dangerous to use oxygen mixture, as it is used in recreational diving. Equally it is important to use the decompression equipment that helps to avoid the deadly dangerous disease and injuries associated with decompression after deep dives.

Diving team group of “Nikolaev” offers:

  • Dive to a depth of 100-160 meters
  • Industrial diving work – repair, engineering, rescue and other underwater work;
  • Scientific-research dive – dive to collect samples and specimens, holding experiments and observations;
  • Education and training of diving professionals;
  • Professional underwater photo and video.