Control pipeline / Survey of product pipelines and cables routes

контроль трубопровода
контроль трубопровода
контроль трубопровода
контроль трубопровода

SRS “Nikolaev” produces work in the field of surveying (monitoring) of subsea pipelines, cables and other objects on the bottom of offshore zone waters and the continental slope of seas and oceans.

Along with the examination of submarine pipelines and cables, as well as the adjoining coastal areas of routes, the following work can be performed:

  • Planning-altitudinal survey of coastal areas
  • Hydrographical survey (depth soundings)
  • Identification of planning-altitudinal position of pipelines and cables
  • Identification of locations of waterproof violation
  • Determination of the integrity of pipes and detection of problem areas
  • Search and examination of all objects in the bottom of waters of the passage of the tube
  • The total volume of engineering-geodetic, engineering-hydrological and engineering-hydrographic surveys
  • Implementation of the calculation period of guarantee operation (with the necessary background information)

Comparison of current site conditions with previous years, the analysis and forecast of changes, including on the basis of measuring the wall thickness of pipe

On the results of these activities, the following information is provided:

  • Plan of the surveyed area (scale 1:500, 1:1000, etc.).
  • Longitudinal sections of pipelines (cables) with the application of data from previous surveys (if available).
  • Transverse profiles according to any number of sections.
  • Three-dimensional visualization of the surveyed area of the seabed.
  • Comparison and analysis of the profiles of different survey options of one object.

Control of the pipeline is universally used as a routine tool for the maintenance of oil and gas pipelines efficiency. Timely detection of pipeline damage will help avoid leaks in the line, to prevent accidents and reduce your costs. If a leak did occur, control of the pipeline will help to quickly find an emergency place to begin work on the localization of leaks, minimizing loss of time, which is especially valuable if the leak of transported substance threatens ecological disaster for marine flora and fauna.

Diving operations for maintenance of pipelines and other underwater communications involve complex actions on:

  • Underwater welding, cutting, flaw detection, thickness gauging and all kinds of non-destructive control of metal structures and pipelines;
  • Inspection of underwater parts of hydraulic structures;
  • Cleaning the surface of fouling, photo and video, visual observations during the construction of underwater structures (foundations and basements, welding and mechanical-repair works, etc.)
  • Survey and pipeline inspection, determination of horizontal and vertical position, of having insufficient buried, exposed and sagging areas;
  • Determination of existence of geometry defects and base metal, corrosion, condition of protective coatings, the residual thickness of the metal of pipes;
  • Survey, inspection and diagnosis of underwater communications;

Determination of the presence of foreign objects on the selected sites of waters.

Theoretical aspects of the complex research

Necessary part of an instrumental complex for determining the position of lines (cables) is a positioning system, with which the coordinates of the locator sensor are determined during measurement. Craft, on which the instrumental complex is installed, moves in the waters of the underwater crossing using tacks that are perpendicular to surveyed pipelines. Coordinates of the sensors during shooting are determined using MTP. As a result of the shooting, the digital model of the field created by pipelines arrives. Based on these data, the results post-processing program calculates the horizontal and vertical position of all pipelines, located in the studied waters.

In the graphics window of signals display the trail finder and sonar data are displayed simultaneously that allows real-time to determine the position of the axis of the tube relative to the bottom

In the result of processing the longitudinal profiles of all pipelines and cables on the underwater crossing are built

In the end, it turns out you are shooting digital model of the field created by pipelines. Based on these data, the program for post-processing results calculates the horizontal and vertical position of all pipelines located in the studied waters.

Software is focused on underwater pipeline crossings, which allows with minimal manual work to enter and process data of the coastal shooting, shooting at the water’s edge, bathymetric shooting and surveys taken with the trail finder. According to the results of processing performed automatically the waters and coastal transition plan is being constructed.

Feature of the software is to implement the functions associated with the construction of the longitudinal, transverse and randomly oriented pipeline profiles and soil based on data from previous surveys, automatic calculation and allocation of denuded and sagging pipelines in the plan and profile areas. The result is the creation of a complete set of deliverables in printed form and a set of data for three-dimensional data visualization module.

Below are some typical examples of the results of work:

Bathymetric map diagram of the jobsite

The example of visualization of pipeline position on one of the profiles